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Amazon has avoided responsibility for numerous traffic accidents, including fatal ones, involving delivery drivers who the company pressures to meet demanding schedules. The reason: Amazon doesn’t employ the drivers. Third-party “delivery service providers” do. A recent lawsuit in Georgia, however, seeks to break through that defense and prove that the company’s methods are to blame for

For many homeowners, November is the time to start putting up Christmas lights both inside and outside their homes. This is also the time where some in the media like to complain about too much “happy holidays” and not enough “merry Christmas.” But they miss the biggest perpetrators in the War on Christmas©: homeowners’ associations.

Federal Rule of Evidence 1002, better known as the “best evidence rule,” states that a party seeking to prove the content of a writing, recording, or photograph must produce the original unless an exception applies. Further, Rule 1001(d) provides that, for electronically stored information, an “original” means a printout or other visually-readable output that “accurately

After several days of jury deliberation, Kyle Rittenhouse was found not guilty last week of murdering two people and injuring another during racial justice protests last summer in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Activists on both sides of the political spectrum were quick to spin what the verdict meant for their movements or what the judge’s and jury’s

New York state has been leading the fight against a very specific kind of art theft: ancient artifacts. A gilded Egyptian sarcophagus worth $4 million; Marble sculptures stolen during Lebanon’s civil war; Hindu and Buddhist statues taken from Cambodia; 33 relics from Afghanistan; 248 pieces from India including numerous bronze religious figures; 104 antiquities from Pakistan; over 17,000 artifacts

Federal courts, including the Supreme Court, handle many important and controversial cases. As just one example, lawsuits challenging abortion rights are brought in federal court each year like clockwork. Considering the number of federal court decisions involving the pro-choice/pro-life debate in recent years, why is Dobbs v. Jackson’s Women’s Health, currently before the Supreme Court, any